Hall*Comm Trust
Sports Camps Matched Funding Subsidies

Published December, 2020

Hall*Comm Trust is a charity that was established in 1996 to assist youths to attend established summer sports schools or camps headed by certified Professional “A” Teachers who are highly accomplished sports skills instructors. Last year (2020) Hall*Comm Trust donated over $20,000 in matched funding for youths to attend summer sports camps.

During 2021, Hall*Comm Trust will target its funding in support of youths who register in and attend YAS – Young Athlete Saskatchewan summer basketball camps.

An application for Hall*Comm Trust “matched funding” must be made by a parent, guardian or another adult extended family member on behalf of their youth(s).

Application Process

  1. Acquire and read a YAS 2021 Summer Basketball School brochure. A YAS 2021 brochure can be viewed and downloaded from the YAS web site www.yas.ca or by email request to info@yas.ca or by calling 306-585-2020 or 306-242-2425. Each brochure lists the weekly camps YAS will be holding in Regina and Saskatoon during July and August 2021.
  2. Decide if you wish to register your family member for one or more YAS 2021 summer camps.
  3. Follow the instructions in the brochure to register “on-line” or by “telephone” for camp(s).
  4. Immediately and on the same day that you complete step #3 above, call the YAS office and inform the Camps Director that you need “matched funding” to help cover your camp(s) fees. Normally, payment of full camp(s) fee(s) would be required as soon as you registered your youth. However, when someone declares that they need “matched funding,” payment of fees can be delayed up to four weeks, but no later than seven days prior to the start of the first camp for which your youth is registered. This gives you time to seek funding from other sources.
  5. When you contact other funding sources, you can tell them that you have registered for YAS Summer Basketball Camp(s) and that Hall*Comm Trust has guaranteed that it will match whatever amount they pay on your behalf up to $150.00. This is called “matched funding.”
  6. When you obtain funding from another source(s), that funding must be paid directly to YAS. YAS will then immediately inform us (Hall*Comm Trust) and we will immediately match and pay the same amount to YAS on your behalf, up to $150.00.
  7. If YAS does not receive funding on your behalf at least seven days before the start of the first camp of the summer in which you have registered, you must pay your entire fee on your own.


  1. Hall*Comm Trust “matched funding” will only be awarded on behalf of youths who are neither registered for nor are planning to register for nor have attended any summer sports camp or sports school other than YAS during July and August 2021. 
  2. The administrators of YAS have informed us that a supply of YAS 2021 Summer Basketball School brochures will be sent to every Saskatchewan school and board office during February for re-distribution to students and parents.  During past years, schools and board office staff members have always been very good about sharing information about YAS and other professionally-headed non-profit charities such as YAS.  However, schools staff members are extremely busy these days, so if anyone did not receive a brochure through their school, they should email info@yas.caand request one.  Also, a YAS brochure can be viewed and downloaded from the YAS web site at www.yas.ca
  3. The administration of “matched funds” is guaranteed to be handled confidentially and solely by the Hall*Comm Manager and the YAS Camps Director, both retired school principals...

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